Limp Bizkit 6/23/99


By the time of this concert 3 pretty major things happened in my life: I graduated from Columbia Basin Community College with my AA, the transmission in my Mustang blew up, and Rose decided to move back to Corvallis for good, which ultimately made it an easier decision to end our relationship for good. After receiving my AA the plan was to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at one of the state schools in either WA, OR, or CA. The problem was that I didn’t yet know what I wanted to pursue and didn’t want to waste time and money until I figured it out. This was probably the one thing I would change if I could go back in time. The only thing that I was remotely interested in was film school but for some reason convinced myself that it was not realistic. School would’ve pretty much been paid for by Financial Aid due to my mother being deceased and my father working under the table. Rose moved out in June and I was only working part time at UPS , which was not really enough to live on but I had saved a little money and used my credit card to get me through the summer. The place was a loft that was set up really well. After my Mustang blew up, my cousin helped me get a Geo Metro. It was the worst possible chick magnet and teal in color but was cheap, had low mileage, got good gas mileage, and was a 2-door.

Ross drove Earl and me to this show. The opener was Staind. We liked them a lot at the time based on their album Dysfunction, which is what they were on tour for. They rocked. Next up was Kid Rock. I was never a fan of his but he does have some decent stuff in pieces and I respect him as a musician. He was on his first major tour and Jo C was with him. I remember thinking it was pretty funny to have this midget walking around the stage saying “show me ya titties!” in a funny voice. R.I.P. Then Limp Bizkit was up. Their star was on the rise due to the new album Significant Other. This was the second stop on this tour but the bass player Sam Rivers had already managed to mess up his hand in Seattle on opening night. He played through the pain and the show was great. They played all the songs I wanted to hear. The highlight though was a moment with Ross. He was wearing a neck brace and made his way to the front of the stage. Fred Durst said “and you with neckbrace, you need to get the fuck out of the mosh pit.” Classic.


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