Korn/Rob Zombie 4/10/99


So I finally got to see Korn! If you’ve been paying attention then you should remember how important this was. Ross and me drove down to Portland and met up with Rose and her brother Jason. I remember being kind of drunk on Rum 151 going into this show. We had floor tickets and Rob Zombie opened with his newly reassembled band, after having divorced his bandmates in White Zombie and going solo. All I remember about Zombie is his pyrotechnics were insane and he had a huge robot come on stage with him at some point. Korn came out and ripped me a new one. The thrill of finally seeing them for the first time and being drunk turned out to be the perfect mixture. They were still on tour for the album that finally broke through to the mainstream, Follow the Leader.

SETLIST: Blind, Need To (Alive), Twist/Chi, Freak on a Leash, A.D.I.D.A.S., Lowrider/Shoots & Ladders, Shot Liver Medley (featuring Justin, Engine No. 9, Ball Tongue, Divine, Proud), Kill You, It’s On, Got the Life, Dead Bodies Everywhere, My Gift to You, Faget, Earache My Eye



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