Ozzfest 7/18/99


Main Stage: Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Deftones, Slayer, Primus, Godsmack, System of a Down

Second Stage: Fear Factory, Static-X, Slipknot, Puya, Drain STH, hed (pe), Apartment 26, Flashpoint

This was the first Ozzfest that had come in my proximity. Ozzfest had been going since 1996 and kind of filled the summer void that Lollapalooza had left. I was pretty excited about this show because every band on the main stage was a band I wanted to see even though I had already seen some of the bands before. A girl in one of my classes named Tawni turned me onto System of a Down. I was lucky enough to sit next to her in my math class and we had similar musical musings. My cousin Earl really liked them too and gave me their first album on CD for my 21st birthday. They were the first band on the main stage. Claude strikes again though. Bless his soul but the guy’s just not all there sometimes and this time he didn’t quite comprehend the importance of leaving at a specified time. Long story short we arrived just in time to see the last 3 songs of System of a Down’s set. By we I mean Earl and me only because we ran all the way down to the floor from the moment we arrived inside the Pearly Gates. I believe Ross was also with us? The next band up was Godsmack. They were on it. They played pretty much their whole first album. Primus was next and let me just say that Les Claypool is a badass. This is probably about the time in the show we started shifting from the first stage to the second stage all the way up on the hill. We saw Static X up there, who was on tour for their new album Wisconsin Death Trip! We also saw Slipknot. I wasn’t really into them at the time but did find it quite entertaining to see 9 guys dressed up in fucked up masks rocking their ass off and just flat out going crazy onstage. Back to the mainstage is Slayer. I love their fat ass guitar riffs but at the time just could not get with Tom Araya’s voice. Next up was Deftones. This was the third time I was lucky enough to see them and they were nothing short of amazing. Deftones are a hard act to follow but Rob Zombie somehow managed. It had only been three months since the last time I saw him but I think this performance was much better. Maybe it was just because I knew Korn wasn’t following him this time. The closing band was none other than Black Sabbath! I’m not talking about that shit with Dio, I’m talking about the real Black Sabbath with Ozzy. I was as excited about this as any other band of the day. Never in a million years did I think I would ever get the opportunity to see a band that was huge in the early 1970’s. I really got into Black Sabbath when I was about 16. It started with the album Paranoid and then I bought the whole catalog one album at a time. They did not disappoint me. Ozzy was still as crazy as he was made out to be, Tony Iommi was razor sharp on his riffs, and the rhythm section was holding down the groove. Little did I know that this would not be the last time I would see them.


One thought on “Ozzfest 7/18/99

  1. I saw OzzFest Japan in 2013. Black Sabbath, DefTones and Slipknot were there then. This weekend I’m going to OzzFest Japan 2015!
    I’ll see Ozzy, Black Label Society, Baby Metal, 人間椅子 and more!

    (Please check my blog (I’ll write about OzzFest Japan ’15 after it’s done!!): http://tokyo5.wordpress.com )


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