The Raconteurs 7/19/06


I am obviously a fan of The White Stripes and got lucky enough to see them about a year before this show, but then Jack White took a left turn and made an album with some old friends. They formed a more traditional rock lineup and called themselves The Raconteurs. The resulting album is Broken Boy Soldiers that was released only two months before this show. I used to date a girl that had Rhapsody, which was my first exposure to streaming music. It was over at her place that I heard “Steady, As She Goes” for the first time and I got really excited once I identified the voice to be Jack White’s. Once I learned they were coming to San Diego I started bugging Marvin to go with me. For whatever reason he kept pussyfooting and I did not want to buy the tickets until he gave me the thumbs up. Long story short I was almost certain the show would sell out so I bought two tickets, of which I used one and sold one since Marvin flaked. Nowadays he just beats himself up over it kind of like he does for the time he decided to not see Alice In Chains with me back in 1993 but I digress… seeing these guys in a place as small as SOMA right after they released their debut album was a concert lover’s wet dream. Jack White was able to play a little looser since he had another guitar, bass, drums and Brendan Benson’s voice backing him up. They stretched out some of the songs but definitely played every song on the album mixed in with some covers.

A couple minutes of shitty footage from this show


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