Ozzfest 7/9/06


Full disclosure: This show definitely falls into the “fuzzy” category of memories. Not because I was blacked out or anything, just because this was my fifth time seeing Disturbed and my fifth time seeing SOAD and this show does not stick out in my mind for any particular reason. I did not really care about or maybe even watch the other bands on the bill (no Ozzy did not play this date). Here’s what I do know: I was there, I had not been to Ozzfest since 2003 and both the bands that I came to see rocked. I had not seen Disturbed for about 3 years and they were touring for the album Ten Thousand Fists that was released the prior September. For some reason I did not buy/get acquainted with this album until sometime after this show. I had just seen System of a Down a little less than a year before but they had since released Hypnotize, the second half of the amazing Mesmerize/Hypnotize double album. I found a decently shitty video clip of Disturbed from this show on YouTube but all the clips of SOAD are from other dates of Ozzfest 2006…




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