Radiohead 6/27/06


The Embarcadero is a unique venue situated on the San Diego Bay to the rear of the Convention Center. Radiohead had not released an album since Hail to the Thief about 3 years before this show and this was the second night of a 2-night stand. For some reason I did not learn about this show until the tickets were all sold out. Much to my dismay even Craigslist did not have any listings for tickets so me and Marvin just decided to cruise down to see if we could snag a ticket from a scalper or someone else milling about selling tickets. No dice. Apparently if you buy a ticket to Radiohead you are actually going to the concert. What a novel concept. Instead of being totally defeated once we realized there was no way to sneak in, we realized there was an area “house-right” near the water’s edge just outside of the fence that was put up where we could not only hear but from the right rock see the stage as well. There were a handful of people doing this with us and even some crafty people in canoes/kayaks that were watching from the water. Free Radiohead concert? Not bad for my first time seeing them. Instead of giving you my spiel on how awesome they were you can watch for yourself because I found a video of the full show on YouTube that was posted by someone who was standing much closer to the stage than I. Enjoy.

SETLIST: Airbag, The National Anthem, Where I End and You Begin, 15 Step, Exit Music (for a Film), Bodysnatchers, My Iron Lung, Go Slowly, Videotape, I Might Be Wrong, Climbing Up the Walls, All I Need, Pyramid Song, Spooks, Idioteque, Myxomatosis, Bangers + Mash, Bones, Like Spinning Plates, A Wolf at the Door, Down Is the New Up, Fake Plastic Trees, Nude, Everything in Its Right Place



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