Seether 6/10/06


I had not seen Seether since the first time I saw them about 3.5 years earlier at the Roseland in Portland. They had released their second (technically Disclaimer II was an album even though it is essentially a remixed version of their first album Disclaimer) and third albums by this time and were touring for the latter, Karma and Effect, that was released almost exactly one year before this show. Lucinda and I were still talking so she went with Marvin and me. A guy that branded himself as a “Heavy Metal Taxi” picked us up from Lucy’s in OB and definitely lived up to the branding. He had one of those old cop car taxis but decked it out with a top-notch sound system and BLASTED heavy metal at top volume the entire way to the House of Blues. Usually I have to request/convince the driver to do that…As for the show itself of course they rocked. Apparently we caught them at just the right time because it was announced 10 days after this show that lead guitarist Patrick Callahan had left the band and Shaun had checked himself into rehab for alcoholism about 2 months after this show.



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