Sunny Day Real Estate 3/2/99


Lucky me, I got to see two concerts within a week of each other. It was random that they both happened in Spokane. Rose was the person responsible for getting me into Sunny Day Real Estate and she was the only one that came to the show with me. I also went to the show with her because I was still driving the Mustang and didn’t trust it to go out of town. They had released the album What It Feels to be Something On about 6 months prior to this. This marked their comeback after temporarily disbanding when Jeremy Enigk found God and the rhythm section decided to join Dave Grohl ‘s Foo Fighters. The Met was a really cool place to see a show because it was a real theater and from our seats in the balcony we could see the show perfectly. It didn’t sound too bad either. They played a good mix of songs from all three albums they had up to that point. It turned out to be my only visit to the Met and the only time I saw Sunny Day Real Estate.



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