God Lives Underwater 4/24/98


I learned of God Lives Underwater the night of my Senior Prom. This type of event wasn’t my thing but a girl asked me so I decided to go in a tux with combat boots. Tara (my date) and her friend picked me up and went to get her date, who was a singer in a local band. He was playing for people in his house that night. Before they went on we got really really stoned and were listening to this incredible music I had never heard before. It turns out it was God Lives Underwater. The singer decided he was too cool to go to a high school prom so I ended being stoned out of my mind and showing up with two dates. Who was the cool guy now? I bought the self-titled EP and Empty and loved them both. I went to this show with Marvin. They were on tour for the album Life in the So-Called Space Age. I remember that many parts that were keyboards or synthesizers were turned into guitar parts for the live show, which made the music heavier and translated better for such a small venue. The highlight of this was “The Rush is Loud.” This was the last time I ever saw a show at the RKCNDY. R.I.P. David Reilly.



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