Our Lady Peace 3/27/98


By the time this show occurred everything was pretty much restored and back on track. My cousin Tony helped me get a 1985 Mustang so I could get to school. The police had found my Firebird on New Year’s Eve when they were called to an apartment complex for domestic violence and started running plates when nobody answered the door. The thieves had put about 3,000 miles on it in 2.5 weeks, burned all the rubber off the rear tires from burnouts, fucked up the steering column, and put a huge dent in the rear driver’s quarter panel but I had it back in my possession. It was pretty much worthless but I managed to get a loan against it to pay off the lease. I successfully sued Jack for the money he owed me partially because he didn’t even show up to court (it would be years before I was actually able to collect on the money). I not only patched things up with Rose but also moved in with her. My chameleon survived. I had started working with my mom at the Tri-City Herald (local newspaper) at night. The job was alright sans the fact that it payed minimum wage and every Saturday night was shot because work started at midnight when the press started for the grand daddy Sunday paper. I was turned on to Our Lady Peace by my ex-girlfriend Daisy. About the time of this show was my first Spring Break. Matt and I decided to drive to Vancouver, B.C. with very little money in our pocket because being 19 years old we were legal to drink. I mention this because we listened to the album Naveed constantly on this trip. Our Lady Peace was on tour for the album Clumsy and La Luna was a great place to see a show. It is now defunct or maybe just called something else. I went to the show with Rose because we figured we could drive to her parents house in Corvallis after the show. This was my first time ever being to Portland, Oregon and I was not impressed. I swore to myself I would never live there. Hold that thought…



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