Deftones 10/15/00


Alright, so at this point I know it’s starting to look like I’m obsessed with Deftones. This was already the sixth time I had seen them and had just seen them about 2 months prior, as well as just seeing Taproot and Incubus at Ozzfest. It seemed like a good deal plus something to do because Portland can be pretty drab most of the time due to the rain. Besides, going to concerts is something that gives me great pleasure in this life. This also gives you an idea of how much devotion these bands put into touring. I believe it was just Lucinda and I this time. I don’t really have much to say about the show itself except every band rocked. I brought a stick of cookies n’ cream incense with me into the show because I thought it would be novel but in reality the ashes kept falling all over everyone and those that were in direct line of the smoke got a very concentrated whiff. This was also the most elaborate stage show I have ever seen Deftones put on. They actually had lights, etc. instead of just a bare bones stage with them rocking out. “Dai the Flu” is one of my favorite songs from Around the Fur and after all the times I’ve seen them this remains the only time I have ever seen it played live.

SETLIST: Korea, Feiticeira, Change, Root, Lifter, My Own Summer, Dai the Flu, Mascara, Back to School, Digital Bath, Teenager, Around the Fur, Headup, Be Quiet and Drive, Birthmark, 7 Words



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