Limp Bizkit/Eminem 11/14/00


I didn’t really start listening to Eminem until after I got with Lucinda. There are very few artists of this kind that I’m into but he’s definitely one of them. It’s like comedy hour set to phat beats. He was touring for The Marshall Mathers LP that had just been released in May. I remember him coming out in a Jason mask from Friday the 13th with a chainsaw and overalls. He lived up to his reputation as one of the greatest rappers to ever be. Papa Roach played before Eminem and they were alright but not as good as the first time I saw them. Then to close the show was Limp Bizkit. This was the third time I was able to see them. One of the big draws of Limp Bizkit for me is Wes Borland. I love the style in which he plays the guitar and he has an affinity for putting himself into costume for their performances. They had just released Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water about a month earlier. It has moments but I don’t like it as much as the previous two albums. One particularly memorable moment in this show was when I got into a scuffle. I was getting rowdy down on the floor in front of Wes and apparently a few people around me didn’t like that I was having a better time than them. There was pushing, which I thought was just friendly moshing, but at one point I turned around and there was a fist coming at my face. I ducked and laid a punch square in the face of my attacker. It was like slow motion after that for a second as the guy flew through the air. I turned back around to watch the show and tried to move out of the area a little bit but the next thing I knew I had about 3 people punching the back of my head. This time I was a little more successful at leaving the area and that was the end of it. Angry people at the Anger Management tour after people have been drinking? I know. Weird…


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