Uproar Festival 9/18/10

Uproar Festival 10It had been nearly 3 and half years to the day since I had last seen Stone Sour at the House of Blues. This time I thought I was going to go by myself too but Bob showed interest and Tom committed. Bob dropped out. Tom brought me some requested pot and picked me up in a borrowed Saleen Mustang. We arrived to the venue with just enough time to drink 2 beers each in the parking lot. Once inside we made our way to the 2nd Stage where the band Hellyeah was to play. The only thing I knew about this band was that the drummer was none other than Vinnie Paul of Pantera and that it also featured the singer from Mudvayne. The funny part is that the only reason I wanted to go to this all day concert was Stone Sour. I had not been able to stop playing their new album, Audio Secrecy.

Anyways Stone Sour happened to be signing autographs in a Best Buy tent that we walked right by. I’m not about the autographs but thought it might be cool to shake their hand and thank them for rocking. The employee/rule makers had other plans. Employee said, “Where is your wristband?” I replied something to the effect of not being aware of the wristband requirement and inquired as to where or how I could get one. Employee was of no assistance whatsoever.

We proceeded to watch HELLYEAH who proceded to rock. They are heavy-as-fuck. Maybe a little too heavy for not previously knowing their music. After their set we went into the vendor area of the amphitheater in search of food and a beer. We ended up running into Tom’s friend Matt who heads up the beverages and food department at the facility. He hooked up a Corona tallboy and a Shock Top draft and shot the shit with us until Stone Sour was about to go on.

Stone Sour fucking rocks. There I said it. And I meant it. They did not disappoint. The rocked from the opening notes of “Mission Statement” to the closing notes of “30/30 150.” They rocked so hard that I blew my voice out from screaming so loudly. Very tight as a band, virtuoso guitarist(s) with taste, singer with an amazing voice and song writing capabilities. Oh yeah the rhythm section is pretty badass too. The hardest rocking songs for me were “Reborn,” “Get Inside,” and “30/30 150.”

Somehow Stone Sour were not the headliners. After them came Disturbed which I always enjoy and had not seen for a couple years. Closing the show was Avenged Sevenfold. I don’t know why but I just cannot bring myself to like their music.


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