Stone Temple Pilots 7/27/08


Twice in the same month? You bet your sweet ass. For some reason concert promoters thought it would be a good idea to have some concerts this summer in what was essentially a small practice field in the southwest corner of the parking lot of the stadium where the Chargers played. They touted it as “Concerts on the Green” at Qualcomm and the space probably held about 5,000 people. General admission which meant Sam, Marvin, Bob and I were free to roam as we pleased which of course meant up close in the action.

Wolfmother opened and was awesome, especially when they played “Joker & the Thief.” They were still touring behind their eponymous debut album released nearly 3 years before this. I am continually amazed at 2 and 3 piece bands.

As for STP it was essentially the same show I saw earlier in the month (sans mushrooms); great energy, great set list, great performance. Weiland seemed to be a little more riled up but STP did have a history with San Diego. At one point during “Sex Type Thing” Weiland climbed the scaffolding which is always a crowd pleaser.




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