Marilyn Manson 5/29/13

Marilyn Manson 13

I Just saw Marilyn Manson back on February 20th but these guys are pretty up there for me so there is no way I was not going to walk out my back door to see them play in my yard. I will go see this band as many times as I possibly can. Apparently this show was only two nights before they officially joined up with Alice Cooper for a co-headlining tour deemed the Masters of Madness/Shock Therapy Tour, which is a bummer because it would have been cool to see Alice Cooper. Woe is me…

Marilyn Manson always opens their albums and shows with a strong song and tonight was no exception when they opened with “Angel With the Scabbed Wings.” Killer. The majority of the setlist was the same as back in February but the addition of “Angel With the Scabbed Wings,” “Little Horn,” “Great Big White World” and “This Is the New Shit” completely changed the dynamics of this performance. This time we got the impassioned intensity and grit the previous show fell slightly short on.

SETLIST: Angel With the Scabbed Wings, Disposable Teens, No Reflection, Little Horn, The Dope Show, Rock Is Dead, Great Big White World, Personal Jesus, mOBSCENE, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), Hey, Cruel World, This Is the New Shit, Irresponsible Hate Anthem, The Beautiful People



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