Corey Taylor 7/20/13

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.09.58 PM

As I was hung-over on a Saturday morning I was scrolling through Facebook and saw the words “Free,” “Acoustic Performance” and “Corey Taylor” together. After I felt a stirring in my loins I realized that the event was that night. Comic-Con was in town and Corey Fucking Taylor was there to promote the House of Gold & Bones comic series from Dark Horse Comics and give a solo acoustic performance at the DVD release party for “Evil Dead.”

A Saturday night in the Gaslamp during Comic-Con was an easy sell to Bob, Ken, Ingrid, Emma, Josh and Josh’s friend because downtown is a fun place just to people watch during Comic-Con. We arrived early enough to not be too far back in the line because entry was first come, first served and not guaranteed but when we got to the front the bouncer told us no dice and tried to give us some load of shit as to why we were not going to get in. After turning on the charm (having two beautiful women with us did not hurt) and a little sweet talk we were in. Not only were we about to see Corey Taylor play a solo acoustic set…for FREE…but it was also an open bar in a place that held maybe 120 people on a good day!

Corey came out and said, “Alright. What do you guys want to hear?” A guy yelled “Spit It Out” which made Corey laugh. He said, “Haha on acoustic? Shit. What would that sound like?” And then he actually played it, which made me laugh because it was such a riot. He also did a cover of “Blister in the Sun” by the Violent Femmes and a couple other songs then he was out the back door. The whole thing was very light-hearted and fun. He was pretty much there for a payday and who can blame him? “I’m playing my four songs that I am contractually obligated to play and I’m out.” It was fucking awesome.



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