Chevelle 10/30/09

Chevelle 09

Chevelle was not stopping in San Diego on their tour for the two-month-old Sci-Fi Crimes album so Bob and I decided to make our maiden voyage to the House of Blues Anaheim at Disneyland. It had been almost exactly two years since I last saw Chevelle when I snuck into Soma with Marvin.

This show is one of my favorite times that I ever saw Chevelle. For maybe the first time in my presence they actually performed on a decorated stage. Said stage consisted of red Mesa Boogie amps and a UFO theme that included a giant backdrop of the album cover. Besides the visual aspect they brought their A game and sounded fantastic. We started at the back but once we got a good buzz we got right into the heart of the floor section which did not hurt our overall experience but does bring up the underbelly of this story.

It is more than a minor miracle that Bob and I are still alive because of our drinking and driving. The drinking started on the way there at a stop to Buffalo Wild Wings. From there we went to a liquor store and for some stupid reason bought Jack Daniels (I never drink liquor). Then once we got to the House of Blues we drank some more, followed by more drinking on the two-hour drive home. It was STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE but thankfully we got home without hurting anyone including ourselves.

SETLIST: Sleep Apnea, Brainiac, Well Enough Alone, Vitamin R, Letter From a Thief, Another Know It All, Comfortable Liar, The Red, Jars, Forfeit, The Clincher, Straight Jacket Fashion, Roswell’s Spell, Send The Pain Below, Still Running, I Get It




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