Tool 5/2/07


This show was originally supposed to be on March 20th but got rescheduled due to drummer Danny Carey tearing a bicep while “picking up his dog at home.” Danny Carey is six foot five so he must have a giant fucking dog! All joking aside this show’s audience was a little more under control than when I saw them at Street Scene about nine months prior because there were actual seats. Everyone had assigned seats even on the floor and ushers were walking around with flashlights to ensure people stayed in their seats. I am lucky that I have perfect eyesight because my seat was at the back of the arena but the silver lining was that it was behind the mixing board so the sound was excellent. The visual aspect of Tool’s performance intensified every time I had seen them and this my sixth time seeing them was off the charts. The floor of the stage was completely white and they used this previously untapped resource to project things onto the floor. Even the stage crew got in on the action by wearing white lab coats.

Since this was the official tour for 10,000 Days we got to hear some songs they did not play at Street Scene: “Rosetta Stoned,” “Right In Two,” and “Wings” Parts 1 & 2. I remember Maynard commenting something to the effect of how polite it was to drink beer and holler during a song that was written about his mother who passed away when they did “Wings.” Danny’s bicep must have healed up nicely because he put on an absolute drumming clinic during “Right in Two.” Phenomenal show.

SETLIST: Jambi, Stinkfist, Forty-Six & 2, Schism, Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann), Rosetta Stoned, Right in Two, Wings for Marie (Pt. 1), 10,000 Days (Wings, Pt. 2), Lateralus, Vicarious, Aenema


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