Motley Crue 3/22/05


Motley Crue was touring for the anthology album Red, White & Crue that had just come out in February. This tour also marked the return of Tommy Lee who had left the band in 1999. I had no idea that they were coming to town until I was listening to the radio at work one day and it was announced that they were giving away tickets to caller number whatever. I was feeling lucky so I called in and I ended up getting through to win! The caveat was that I only won a single ticket because the radio station was organizing some sort of blind date, which was fine since I happened to be single at the time.

I was left under the impression that the contest winners would be served food and alcohol in our “special area” so I did not bring any money or beer to pregame in the parking lot like I normally would. It turns out the contest winners got to purchase beers for $8 instead of the usual price of $9. We were not off to a good start but I hung around to see what this blind date was all about. They had some silly little game to match everyone up and I got matched up with a gal that was probably blowing Motley Crue when I was still riding my bike around with training wheels. I am not opposed to older women in general but she looked like your average worn-out-older-rocker chick that was probably never that cute to start with. That set aside we did not hit it off too well either so I found my way to my seat. Not only was my free seat almost as far away from the stage as possible in the corner but the weather also turned from sunny to cold and rainy within a matter of only a few hours. I put the swag t-shirt I received from the radio station over my existing t-shirt and waited in misery for Motley Crue to come out. They ended up starting the show a full hour after they were supposed to so by then I was sober, alone, sopping wet and cold. They opened with “Shout At the Devil” which was awesome, but I will never know how good the rest of the show was because by then I was so over it that I decided to get the fuck out of there.



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