Ministry 3/19/03


This was the second time I was lucky enough to see Ministry and it came the day after my 25th birthday. This tour was deemed the “FornicaTour” in support of the album Animositisomina that had come out about a month before this concert. I was able to get a really good spot on the balcony upstairs that was as close to the stage as possible. Mind you the Roseland is not a very big place to begin with so I was happy as a Filth Pig in shit. Like how I did that? Anyways what I remember most is Ministry having a female drummer, which to this day I do not think I have seen in another band as heavy as Ministry. The setlist they chose for this night just kept coming like punches to the face but instead of feeling beat up at the end of the night I felt like I needed to go wash my jeans.

SETLIST: Animosity, Unsung, Piss, Dead Guy, Filth Pig, Bad Blood, Psalm 69, Crumbs, Supermanic Soul, Reload, N.W.O., Just One Fix, Hero, Thieves, Jesus Built My Hotrod, Breathe, Stigmata, The Light Pours Out of Me



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