The Union Underground 3/23/01


The Union Underground was a band that I learned about from Jack. He loved them and insisted that I buy their album, which I decided to do because it was a cheap CD. The album is called …An Education in Rebellion and I have to admit it took listening to it multiple times before I really got into it. Some of the songs on the album are flat out rad but others definitely had to grow on me. Jack was the only one who attended this concert with me. This band did not disappoint live. The great thing about seeing a band that only has one album released is that they pretty much end up playing the entire album, which is what happened here. At one point in my drunken stupor I thought about jumping onto the speaker stack from the balcony to get onto the stage, but then realized that was a sure fire way to get kicked out. Good thing I didn’t. The highlights were “South Texas Deathride,” “Killing the Fly,” and “Revolution Man.” After the show Jack and I walked across the road to call Lucinda to come pick us up from a gas station payphone (before cell phones). The piece of shit ate the only quarters I had, which angered me to the point of breaking the receiver on the main unit itself. After a little persuasion I ended up calling from the gas station itself and it was agreed to pick us up at the entrance of China town on Burnside. This entrance has a gigantic stone dragon on each side of the road. In my even more drunken stupor I decided to climb atop one of the dragons. I proceeded to pretend to ride it like a horse and within 10 seconds a cop car came out of nowhere with the spotlight on me and a voice coming out of the loud speaker yelling “get down.” Let me just take a moment to say something about the Portland Police force at the time. Their motto seemed to be “shoot first, ask questions later.” I say this because in the time I lived in Portland there seemed to be someone getting killed by the Police every other week. That being said I did as I was told. The officer went into a dissertation about how I was vandalizing public property, yadda, yadda, yadda. I was super cooperative but pissed him off because I had a big smirk on my face the whole time, knowing I really didn’t do anything that bad. After he was satisfied that I got the point he was off to harass someone else. A few minutes later Lucinda arrived and everything in the universe was right where it was supposed to be.



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