Candlebox 7/20/94


Yakima is about a 45 minute drive from Kennewick. I know the ticket stub says that this concert took place on July 20th, 1994 but the concert was actually cancelled. A makeup show was scheduled at Richland High School where our tickets were honored. I can’t remember what date the makeup show took place but this was the next concert I attended after the Stone Temple Pilots show. I attended with Marvin and Jack again. Candlebox was touring for their debut album. This was a band that owed a lot of their success to being in the right place at the right time (1990’s Seattle). Most people liked Candlebox because of the song “Far Behind” but I had taken notice of them for the song “You.” I remember thinking about how weird I thought it was to be watching this band in a high school gymnasium because they were a pretty big band at the time. The band was good but not as good as Alice In Chains or STP. To be fair it’s partly because I like the music from the two aforementioned bands much better than that of Candlebox. This was the first time and only time I have been dropped crowd surfing. My pelvic bone directly met the basketball court from about 5 feet up. I was barely able to get myself to the bleachers in the back to watch the rest of the show. This made me bruised and sore for the next few weeks. Just about the time it was feeling normal again my friend Claude reinjured it. He was dropping me off at Dairy Queen and to the request and delight of another friend Tim had backed the open door of his GMC Jimmy into me. After I got up off the ground I slammed his door so hard that I thought the glass was going to shatter. Dairy Queen was my first job and I had taken it about a month after turning 16 in order to save money for my first car.



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