Kaaboo 9/15/17

2017_Comedy Lineup

Kaaboo Day 1

This was the third installment of the annual Kaaboo Festival and instead of only going one day like we did last year for our first Kaaboo experience, Ingrid and I got a ticket for all three days. Ingrid was not very excited about Friday’s lineup but the geniuses running the show gave three day ticket holders one bracelet (once again in an unnecessary box that surely jacked up the price) good for all three days which effectively made it impossible to sell any of your days as a one day pass.

Arseniooooooooooo Halllllllllllll! was pretty funny and a good way to start off a 3 day jaunt into debauchery. Much to my chagrin we left halfway through his set to go check out DJ Diesel a.k.a. Shaq. He seems like a cool guy but does not have “mad DJ skills.” He just kept pushing buttons and saying something to the effect of “hit the free throw son.”

After Shaq we were able to meet up with our friends Larry, Christina, Bob, his buddy Tim, Kyle, Sierra, Meredith and our long lost friend Mike who had just moved back from Arizona to catch Weezer, which was the first band I was looking forward to. They have become a sort of institution at Del Mar every summer but they seemed a bit off. They were awesome as always but Rivers seemed like he was a little depressed which translated to “phoning it in.”

The main draw today was Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is one of the only bands that have eluded me throughout the years. A rare occasion I got to cross a band that I wanted to see but had never seen off the list. After losing my wife to a competing stage I found they were nothing short of fantastic. True professionals in every sense. The “new” guitar player Josh Klinghoffer meshed with Flea swimmingly. Although I was not lucky enough to hear “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik,” I did get to witness an on point rendition of “Suck My Kiss.”

I forgot my “cookies” at work but met a nice lad that let me take a few pulls from his joint so there was no shortage of “enhancement” after drinking all day. Then in a strange turn of events he offered me some LSD. My initial reaction was no funking way, then I thought maybe I would get it from him to hold for a future date, then I decided to take it on the spot and then I realized after awhile it was bunk. No dice. He claimed he was on it but it did not do shit to me and I know what acid is supposed to feel like. In hindsight this was probably a good thing.

I never did see our friends Jane and Calvin although Ingrid ran into them. Without a real getaway plan we just slept it off in the car for a few hours and drove home.


Weezer 8/6/11


SETLIST: Pork N Beans, Surf Wax America, Perfect Situation, Memories, We Are All On Drugs, Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People), My Name is Jonas, Dope Nose, Island in the Sun, Troublemaker, The Sweater Song, Hash Pipe, Keep Fishin, Photograph, Paranoid Android, Say It Ain’t So, (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To, Beverly Hills, Buddy Holly


Foo Fighters 9/27/05


A tour in which Weezer opened for Foo Fighters dubbed the “Foozer” tour. Weezer was touring for their underrated album Make Believe that had just come out in May. I think Dee came with me but I’m sure Macy came with me only because I remember she was scared shitless riding in my topless Jeep on the way home. I had only seen Weezer one other time up to this point 8 years earlier (ironically also opening up for another band) so I was pretty excited to see them again. I think 2 bands of this caliber on the same bill elevates the performance of each because I’m sure they have no desire to be outdone by the other. Weezer’s backdrop looked like a jumbo version of the one that the band stands in front of on the Make Believe album. One of the things I love about Weezer is that the music is light, poppy, and heavy all at once and that was on full display here. Several 3-minute bursts of hooky rock in rapid succession. Besides the new songs it was also cool to finally see songs from the Green Album and Maladroit performed as well.

SETLIST: “My Name is Jonas,” “Peace,” “Don’t Let Go,” “ In the Garage,” “This is Such a Pity,” “Big Me,” “Perfect Situation,” “Why Bother?,” “El Scorcho,” “Say It Ain’t So,” “We Are All On Drugs,” “Surf Wax America,” “Beverly Hills,” “Buddy Holly,” “Photograph,” “Island in the Sun,” “Undone – The Sweater Song,” “Hash Pipe”

This was my third time seeing Foo Fighters. I had just seen them about a year before this but now they were touring for the double album In Your Honor that came out about 3 months before this show. The album is one half traditional rockers (Disc 1) and one half slower acoustic songs (Disc 2). Foo Fighters flat out rocked on this night and were able to blend 4 new songs in with some of their classics. Their stage setup was a cool arrangement of asymmetric amps and video screens. I’m pretty sure Dave Grohl could have made it as a comic if he wasn’t so good at being a musician because he is a funny bastard. Besides rocking our world and making us laugh he treated us to a cover of CCR’s “Born on the Bayou.” Kick. Ass.

SETLIST: “In Your Honor,” “All My Life,” “My Hero,” “Best of You,” “Up In Arms,” “Learn to Fly,” “The Last Song,” “The One,” “Stacked Actors,” “Everlong,” “DOA,” “This Is A Call,” “Born on the Bayou,” “Breakout”

No Doubt 5/24/97


Fast-forward 7 months and a lot has changed in my life. I started seeing a girl named Rose at the tail end of the 1996 summer and she ended up being the one I lost my virginity to (late bloomer). Jack had also moved out of the townhouse because he had somewhere to live for free. The guy that was sleeping on our couch, Chip, took over Jack’s room. Once Jack’s free stay ended he persuaded me to get another place with him across town where rent was cheaper. That second residence with Jack lasted all of about 4 or 5 months before we moved out. It wasn’t exactly our choice but everything turned out alright. What happened was about a month after we moved in we had a new apartment manager and she decided to move into the apartment that shared a wall with ours. Not ideal for a couple of 19 year old males who like to party. After several warnings and an illegal run in with the cops the final straw came when our buddy Joe backed into my downstairs neighbor’s car in the middle of the night. Joe was drunk and therefore fled the scene. These people could barely speak English but went up to the manager’s place and proceeded to complain. We were to be evicted but luckily for us the assistant manager of the place was the mom of someone we knew by association. She also happened to be the manager of the apartments right down the street. She loved us and not only prevented us from technically getting evicted but put us in a place down the road with no upstairs neighbor, a drug dealer next door, and a huge field outside the back sliding glass door. She said we could be as loud as we wanted to and nobody would mess with us. She was right. I also started working at a place called Autobahn Autocare Center. It was essentially the same job I had at Super Lube but it paid more because now I had the title of “Supervisor.” Right about this time Rose and I also broke up because she decided to move with her family to Corvallis, Oregon.

As far as the concert I don’t remember too many details. I remember Weezer opened for No Doubt and that was the real reason I wanted to go to the show. They were still touring for Pinkerton and had these creepy trees on the stage. They played many songs from the Blue Album and Pinkerton because those were the only albums they had to choose from at the time. No Doubt was touring for the album Tragic Kingdom and played all the hits from the album. I feel lucky to have seen them again at this point in the time before Gwen Stefani became a mega-star.