Toadies 7/16/09

Toadies 09

I love Toadies. I was lucky enough to see them when they were touring for Hell Below/Stars Above back in 2001 right before they broke up and I was also lucky enough to catch Mr. Vaden Todd Lewis in Burden Brothers about 5 years before this. Now Toadies were back together and touring for the killer album No Deliverance that was almost a year old at this point. Toadies had not lost a step. Straight-ahead rock at it’s finest. They basically had zero stage show; they let the music do the talking and that was all that they needed to get their point across. Vaden had this cool dual microphone thing going on, one for clean vocals and one for a different sound like when he says “We gonna show you a thing or two about love” in the breakdown section of “Mister Love.” Marvin, Jason and I did not leave the pit once. Okay maybe we left once to get a beer.

SETLIST: Mister Love, So Long Lovey Eyes, Little Sin, I Come From the Water, No Deliverance, Sweetness, Got a Heart, Song I Hate, Possum Kingdom, Mexican Hairless, Push the Hand, Quitter, Paper Doll, Away, Backslider, Nothing to Cry About, Tyler, I Burn



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