Street Scene 9/20/08

Street Scene 08

After having Street Scene in the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium in 2005 and 2006, followed by a move to the amphitheater in Chula Vista for 2007 it was time to bring the festival back to it’s roots on the streets of downtown San Diego. For the money the lineup was for the most part pretty blah to me with one glaring exception: Eagles of Death Metal. Since the drummer was none other than Mr. Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age fame I was on board that train immediately after the first album was released. I liked that the band name included death metal but the music sounded nothing like death metal. The same sense of humor gave a fun feeling to some really well crafted songs. Fast forward 4 years and Eagles of Death Metal were on the verge of releasing their third album Heart On and I had still not seen them live.

This was Day 2 of the festival and I want to say single day tickets were about $65. A little steep to see a shorter set from one band you really like. Cue Craigslist. I found a gal willing to sell me a ticket for much less and meet me at the entrance. I was very clear with her that I was only concerned about seeing one band that started at 8:30 so as long as she met me before then everything would be cool. My cab came earlier than expected so I got there a little earlier than our meeting time which meant I was able to see but mostly just hear Ghostland Observatory since they were playing at the stage nearest the entrance. Ben had introduced to this band to me and I had taken a liking to their song “Piano Man.” Back to the real reason I was there, I called the gal and she said she was on her way. The time kept creeping near 8:30 and still no gal. 8:30 passed and now I was pissed. I called to tell the gal to forget it and she pleaded “but I’m on my way.” Too late, literally. By now I had missed 2 songs of an already shortened set so I bit the bullet and paid the fucking ATM fees on top of a full priced ticket and got my ass to that stage as quickly as I could. To add insult to injury there was no Homme. In his place was Joey from Queens of the Stone Age so all was well. “Feel good rock” is a good way to describe their music. It has a very danceable quality to it and Jesse Hughes actually dancing to the music as he was performing was too infectious for the entire crowd to not be feeling it too. Well worth the dough to hear the live versions of “I Only Want You,” “Speaking In Tongues,” and “Whorehoppin’ (Shit, Goddamn)” though I am certain out of everyone in attendance I was at the festival the least amount of time.



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