Stone Sour 2/6/14

Stone Sour 14

Stone Sour cemented their place as one of my favorite bands with the release of the double album House of Gold & Bones Parts 1 and 2. These albums were released roughly five months apart and by this point Part 2 had been out for about 10 months. I had not seen Stone Sour for almost three and a half years so a little trip to the closest tour stop at the House of Blues Disneyland in Anaheim was not about to stop me from seeing these new songs live.

The excitement soon turned into actual sourness when suddenly not long before this show for no exact reason given Jim Root was kicked out of Stone Sour. This was really strange since they were touring an album that he had a large hand in writing and he was still in Slipknot with Corey Taylor. Due to this unexpected twist this was my first time seeing the band with Christian Martucci.

I convinced Bob to go and Ken to not only go, but drive us in his Toyota Yaris hatchback aka “the Rollerskate.” Being six foot one cramped in the backseat of that thing, eating Del Taco for dinner (I hate Del Taco) and not being able to drink a whole lot due to having to work the next day kind of drew a parallel to the show we were about to watch – it was passable but not ideal. Don’t get me wrong the show was very enjoyable but it just seemed to be missing a certain something or in this case a certain somebody. Christian Martucci filled in nicely for Jim Root but there were little nuances that were just different which made for a slightly different vibe. The “Crreping Death” cover was unexpectedly awesome and the new songs passed the live test, especially “Gravesend” and the one/two punch of “Gone Sovereign” and “Absolute Zero” to end the show.

SETLIST: The House of Gold & Bones, RU486, Say You’ll Haunt Me, Black John, Inhale, Made of Scars, Mission Statement, The Travelers, Pt. 1, Tired, Through Glass, Gravesend, 30/30-150, Nutshell, Bother, Do Me A Favor, Creeping Death, Gone Sovereign, Absolute Zero




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