Steel Panther 6/12/15

Steel Panther 15

It had been nearly two years since I last saw Steel Panther tear up Aftershock. Bob, Ken and I jumped at the chance to see them again now that they were back in San Diego for the rare Saturday show to promote their newest album All You Can Eat appropriately released on April Fool’s Day in 2014. The “shtick” was still the same: a fun party band mocking the excesses of 80’s hair metal playing genuinely kick ass original music. This band always looks as though they were recently let out of an orgy time capsule buried in 1984 with lots of cocaine and that is a good thing. The blatant sexuality bordering on sleaziness only amplifies the comic effect. In a day and age when people seem to increasing take everything too seriously it is always refreshing to see this band make fun of themselves.

SETLIST: Asian Hooker, Fat Girl (Thar She Blows), The Shocker, Hair Solo, 17 Girls in a Row, If I Was the King, Death to All but Metal, Party All Day (Fuck All Night)

Steel Panther-All You Can Eat


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