Seether 4/19/08


Seether gave fans another opportunity to see them on tour when they released what I consider to be their third album Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces (I count Disclaimer II as a remix album), which came out about six months before this show. This meant my second concert out on the lawn at Viejas Casino and my third time seeing Seether. Flyleaf opened but as with most opening bands I could give a shit. It was just Donna and I for this one but we did end up running into one of my co-workers Dennis and his wife. What sticks out in my memory about this show is the stark stage setup. There was a single hanging light just above Shaun’s head and every once and again he would reach up and send it swinging which made for a really cool look against a black backdrop. Seether did not need an elaborate stage. All they needed was an inspired performance of great songs.

SETLIST: No Jesus Christ, Needles, Burrito, Driven Under, Rise Above This, Truth, The Gift, Gasoline, Broken, Fine Again, Fake It, Remedy

Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces




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