Local H 5/28/14


I was so impressed by Local H the last time I saw them a little over a year ago that I could not wait to see them again. They played at an intimate now defunct little dive bar type place in Normal Heights called the Hideout that I would estimate held about 80 people tops.

We arrived earlier than necessary due to some bad information, which was a good excuse to grab some beers and watch the opening band Bad Veins. Not bad but also not Local H. During the Bad Veins set Bob accidentally spilled beer all over a plastic tub, which ended up being where all the Local H t-shirts were stored. We found this out when Scott came over and had to clean up the spilled beer to get inside the tub where many of the shirts were now wet. He was visibly annoyed/pissed off (more so than usual) but did not know who caused this ruckus.

All I can say is that I would gladly spill beer all over his t-shirts every time if I could because it may have slightly contributed to an intensely seething performance. Drummer Brian St. Clair had left the band after the last time we saw Local H so this was our first time seeing drummer Ryan Harding who had only been the drummer for about 6 months. They quite simply crushed it. A small venue that holds maybe 80 people + loud ass Local H = fucking amazing.

We felt bad for ruining the shirts so I told Bob we had to buy one. Scott mans his own t-shirt sales so I got to say thanks for rocking when I bought a cool one with a Superman style logo…that ended up being too small. Karma is a bitch.

SETLIST: Buffalo Trace, Deep Cut, The Misanthrope, Eddie Vedder, Chicago Fanphair ’93, The One With ‘Kid’, Hands on the Bible, California Songs, Taxi-Cabs, Another February, Team, All-Right (Oh, Yeah), “Cha!” Said the Kitty, Fritz’s Corner, One of Us, Heroes, Bound for the Floor, What Would You Have Me Do?, High-Fiving MF, Heavy Metal Bakesale



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