Jon Lajoie 2/13/09

Jon LaJoie

Once upon a time before Jon LaJoie played the role of “Taco” in “The League” he was dare I call it a YouTube sensation. I was turned onto his YouTube videos “Everyday Normal Guy” and “Show Me Your Genitals” way before this when I went to visit friends Ben and Dan in China. This lead me to the genius of “Not Giving A Fuck,” “Rapist Glasses,” and “Pedophile Beards.” This shit makes me laugh every time and if you have not seen them you seriously need to check them out. Quite simply his sense of humor lines up with mine so when it was announced he would be performing at the House of Blues I was in. Bob came with me, as did Donna who I stupidly started hanging out with again sporadically.

He was set to perform on a small little stage inside House of Blues adjacent to the restaurant/bar that I did not even know existed. I was naïve enough to think that his level of fame at the time combined with attendance of only about 200 people would allow us to say hello beforehand/shoot the shit/have a beer but he did not appear until he came onstage. Armed only with acoustic guitar and song specific attire he wore in the videos he ran through his “hits.” He crushed it and is actually a really good guitar player. It was essentially a comedy show in which some of the jokes were delivered in the form of a song.



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