Incubus 7/9/09


So this was Ingrid’s first concert ever (outside of concerts @ the Del Mar fairgrounds)! We went with Jason, Sherrie, Bob, and Macy but Macy decided to wing it and try to find a ticket once we got there. After picking up Ingrid we came about 2 inches from rear ending someone as soon as we got back on the freeway (nice driving skills Jason). After all our hearts were pumping at max pace we arrived at the venue and commenced tailgating. Macy asked me, “how do I find a ticket?” I responded by screaming “does anyone have an extra ticket for sale” into the crowded parking lot. A guy in the car right next to us said “I do.” I walked over and asked “how much?” “10 dollars.” “Sold.” I was happy that we found her a ticket so easily but jealous because the rest of us paid $30 for our tickets, but our tickets included a free hot dog and soda…So we get inside and run into my friend Calvin and his wife Jane while looking for the concession stand to redeem our free food. We finally found the right stand and stand in line only to find out that we were supposed to go get a voucher at a different stand in order to get the hot dog or soda! How convenient. So basically they’re banking on the fact that most people won’t go through the hassle of redeeming the ticket to get their free stuff. So much so that they’ll pay an attendant to do nothing but hand out vouchers instead of just being able to show your actual ticket at the window. So then we get the vouchers and all of a sudden they are sold out of hot dogs…even though two other people reached in a drawer and grabbed hot dogs after I was told this! I threw a fit and we got our goods. We found a spot on the lawn, spiked our sodas and only had to wait a few minutes before Incubus came on stage and opened with “Privilege.” They also played “Pardon Me,” “Drive,” “Stellar,” “Nice to Know You,” and “Anna Molly” but the highlights for me were “Love Hurts” and “Pistola.” At one point the ladies left to go to the restroom and Ingrid ran into a friend and stuck around to talk with her. She ended up losing us but thanks to modern homing devices (cell phones) I found her. They closed with a song I was unfamiliar with and “Aqueous Transmission.” After waiting to get out the parking lot for a half hour and a 7-11 nacho purchase we all made it home safe and sound.



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