Foreigner 12/16/10


My Mom is a very hard person to shop for. Her interests and hobbies are close to non-existent so every time her birthday or Christmas rolls around I always stress about what to get her. I think I was experiencing one such dilemma when I remembered she had told me at one point that the first concert she ever went to was Foreigner. This gave me the idea to buy her Foreigner’s greatest hits album called Records. The problem was there were very few places to buy an old Foreigner greatest hits CD so I had to settle for a used copy I bought off of eBay. Before I gave it to her I threw it in my CD player and immediately thought “hey I know this song.” This continued through all 10 songs. Not only did I know the songs but I really liked them so I went through a little Foreigner phase because it was like discovering a new band.

Fast forward to December of 2010. The Chargers were hosting the 49ers for Thursday Night Football and Ingrid and I decided this would be our annual Chargers game to attend. Only the day of the game did I learn from one of my classmates at San Diego State University that Foreigner was to play out in the parking lot before the game for FREE! Jackpot! I really like the voice of Lou Gramm but a brain tumor forced him from the band in 1997 so the only original member still in the lineup was guitarist/chief songwriter Mick Jones. Kelly Hanson had been the singer for five years by this point and filled in nicely. They played a seven-song set and it was awesome! It didn’t matter that the band was different because the songs were still the same awesome songs they had always been. The whole band sang the Star Spangled Banner at the game that night and the Chargers won. I would say this was a good night.

SETLIST: “Double Vision,” “Head Games,” “Cold As Ice,” “Feels Like the First Time,” “Urgent,” “I Wanna Know What Love Is,” “Hot Blooded”



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