Fleetwood Mac 5/31/09

Fleetwood Mac

The almighty Fleetwood Mac! This is music that became a part of my subconscious growing up due to my parents. It is also one of those bands that have way more songs you know and love than you realize.

They reunited for a “Hits Tour” sans Christine McVie and one of the stops was San Diego. I did not realize they were playing until a couple weeks before the show and much to my delight found out it was not sold out. Even more unbelievable is that I only paid $30 to see them because I saved myself service charges by going directly to the box office.

Macy and I got super stoned before going in to witness these legends in the flesh. It was fantastic. No opener, just 2 hours of Fleetwood Mac hits from the nosebleeds. I was fascinated by Lindsey Buckingham’s virtuosity and unique style of playing guitar with no pick and both him and Stevie Nicks still sounded great.

SETLIST: “Monday Morning,” “The Chain,”  “Dreams,” “I Know I’m Not Wrong,” “Gypsy,” “Go Insane,” “Rhiannon,” “Second Hand News,” “Tusk,” “Sara,” “Big Love,” “Landslide,” “Never Going Back Again,” “Storms,” “Say You Love Me,” “Gold Dust Woman,” “Oh Well,” “I’m So Afraid,” “Stand Back,” “Go Your Own Way,” “World Turning,” “Don’t Stop,” “Silver Springs”


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