Deadmau5 10/28/11


I would not consider myself a person who really digs DJ’s and techno-ish music…unless I am on drugs. I imagine most people that really like this kind of music also really like the kind of drugs that are not normally in my wheelhouse. Ecstacy and me have a storied relationship but I can sum it up by saying that I have only felt the effects of it half the times that I ingested it. Rumor has it that too much LSD can burn out your receptor sites for ecstacy but I think weak ecstacy may be a better explanation. My roomie at the time who I lovingly gave the moniker “Techno” fell into both of the aforementioned categories. He also happened to love Deadmau5 specifically so late one night after drinking all day he gave me a proper introduction when he, Ingrid and I ate some ecstacy and sat in his car listening to Deadmau5 at full volume. That was all I needed to want to go see this madness live. Ingrid and I got floor tickets and you guessed it: ecstacy.

What I remember about this show is a very lightly packed baseball stadium. There were the haves (floor tickets) and the have nots (people in seats). The problem for the people in seats is that they were waaaay the fuck back there away from the stage and the floor was far from full. A couple rebellious attendees decided that the risk of getting caught trying to get on the floor was a better option than sitting at the back of the stadium.

The ecstacy was weak but Deadmau5 was still cool. I did not “know” any of the music but the light show and bass coming out of massive speakers more than made up for that. A dude onstage by himself wearing custom mouse heads hitting buttons that sent crazy noises into my ears was a different experience but one that I am glad I went out of my comfort zone for.



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