Chevelle 4/25/12

Chevelle LA

Bob, Tom and I just saw Chevelle 7 months earlier when the speaker caught fire during the show but we all decided to make the jaunt to L.A. to see them again at Club Nokia, which is part of the Staples Center complex. No hotel plus a “school night” meant somebody had to say sober to drive us home in the rain and on this night that lucky person was me. Hats Off to the Bull was now officially out but on this particular night Chevelle was blown off stage by the opening band Dead Sara. I had never even heard of Dead Sara but they brought their A game. Bob and Tom felt the exact same way and apparently we were not the only faction in attendance that felt this way as evidenced by this write up:

SETLIST: The Clincher, Letter From a Thief, Another Know It All, Vitamin R (Leading Us Along), Hats Off to the Bull, Same Old Trip, Sleep Apnea, Closure, Jars, The Meddler, Still Running, I Get It, Envy, Send the Pain Below, The Red, Face to the Floor

Hats Off to the Bull


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