Aftershock 9/15/13

Aftershock day 2 13

This day started off with some NFL action at Buffalo Wild Wings. After the wings weren’t the only things that were sauced we headed over to the park for Marvin to pull his ticket shenanigans and get in for only $20. I was not really interested in anyone on this day except for Volbeat since I had not seen them before. Filter was scheduled to play but cancelled at the last minute and who can blame them since they were slated to play the dreaded third stage. Then again after witnessing the version of Filter that opened for Bush and Chevelle just a couple years before this it was not hard to understand why they were scheduled for the third stage.

After checking out god knows which bands that did not impress me at all Volbeat finally played. They were good but not great.

Somehow it was Avenged Sevenfold that closed out the entire festival. I seriously just don’t get what the appeal is to this band. They suck big hairy balls. At least we had beer and each other to keep us occupied!



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