Alice In Chains 8/18/06

AIC with William DuVall

This show after the horse races at the Del Mar Fairgrounds was included with the price of admission, which means I got to see Alice In Chains for about $6. Jerry Cantrell recruited William DuVall to take over lead vocal duties for Layne Staley and started to tour. It would be a full three years before this incarnation would put out their first Alice In Chains album Black Gives Way to Blue so they stuck to playing all the songs we knew and loved. Layne left some big shoes to fill and there is nobody out there that quite sings like he did but DuVall did a good job. It was great to hear the songs live again. I don’t think Jerry Cantrell felt quite the same as I did about this show as some disrespectful motherfucker threw a shoe at him during their encore and hit him square in the face. He threw down his guitar and walked off the stage as the rest of the band, not realizing what just happened, kept playing. Once they did realize they too walked off the stage and disappeared into the night never to be heard from again.


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