Static-X 9/1/04


There is a Chili’s in the parking lot of the Sports Arena that neighbors Soma. Me and Marvin decided to stop in to have some beers before the show since Soma is an all ages venue. We did not have tickets yet but checked with the box office earlier and they were far from sold out. As we were drinking Marvin said wouldn’t it be funny if we just snuck in. As more beers went down our throat we convinced ourselves that this would be a great idea. What’s the worst that could happen kind of scenario. As previously stated Soma is not a large venue. You can walk around the building and see where the bands are going in (not terribly hard to spot a tour bus). Anyway we approached the back door and there was only one guy “watching” it. We just put on our most confident faces and walked in like we owned the place. No problem. Once inside though we were a little lost and tried making a left turn. A guy stopped us and said “oh you want to go that way” and pointed us to the floor. I don’t know if this person knew what was going on but if he did he just did not give a fuck. Static X ripped as usual. Another funny moment was when the drummer threw a drumstick out into the crowd and I solidly got a hand on it. Someone else got a hand on it too but I used all of my strength to try to wrangle it from this other person until I realized it was Marvin. We laughed and I kept the drum stick. It would be less than 6 months from this show that the guitarist Tripp Eisen would be kicked out of the band for sexual assault charges. I asked someone inside for their ticket stub which is how I ended up with one.



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