Korn 11/18/02


Disturbed was opening for Korn on this tour and it is the humble opinion of the author that Disturbed blew Korn off the stage on this night. They had just released the album Believe a few months prior and tore through much of it without stopping to take a breath. Maybe they knew they had to bring it having Korn follow them, maybe they hit a stride around this time, maybe it had something to do with the new album or maybe Korn just had an off night. Whatever it was the band was tight. I do remember at some point David Draiman explaining the artwork on the cover of Believe as a combination of four religious symbols and how every major conflict the world has seen has erupted because of differences in belief.

Korn was touring for the album Untouchables that had come out in June of this year. As stated before they were just out-rocked on this night. I still enjoyed it because Korn is one of my favorites but it was just a little disappointing. This was my third time seeing them. One highlight I do remember is them playing “Here to Stay” which is one of the heaviest riffs I have ever heard.



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