Incubus 4/11/02


It had been about a year and a half since I last saw Incubus and about 6 months since the release of their stellar album Morning View. This trip to the Memorial Coliseum was the familiar lineup of Lucinda and I. We lucked out because this was the very first stop of the tour. They were fresh and down to play many of the new songs (which was alright by me). The opening band was Hoobastank, which I thought ironic because my ears always processed Hoobastank as a shittier version of Incubus. That set aside the selection of songs had me beside myself in pure bliss.

SETLIST: Circles, Nice To Know You, Stellar, Glass, Wish You Were Here, Warning, Vitamin, Make Yourself, Echo, Mexico, Pardon Me, New Skin, Privilege, Are You In?, Just a Phase, Nowhere Fast, Drive, A Certain Shade of Green, The Warmth, Aqueous Transmission



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