Garbage 5/25/02


I first heard Garbage through Rose. She liked them so I heard the first two albums via musical osmosis. Lucinda ended up also liking them and purchased the third installment from Garbage entitled Beautiful Garbage when it came out in late September of the prior year. They have never been a band that I have been just absolutely obsessed with. It is one of the few bands in rock that I actually like with a woman singer. I’m not opposed to women in rock. It’s just a fairly rare occurrence for me to find a rock band I like fronted by a woman, though it could be argued that Garbage blurs lines between rock and other experimentations. The ensuing tour came through Portland at the Roseland. It turned out to be a great show (from what I remember of it). I was a baked potato. Me and Lucinda smoked a lot of pot in those days. We also watched a ton of movies, and listened to music frequently. It was just a way to tune out the world for a period of time.



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