Evanescence 9/3/03


So the real reason I went to this show was for the opening band Cold. My buddy Ross had turned me onto them some time before this with the album 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage. I guess the third time is a charm because I had intended to see them two other times that summer on Endfest and Lollapalooza but they were a no-show both times. Cold released the album Year of the Spider back in May, which just confirmed to me that this was a band I enjoyed. As for the actual concert they stuck to the more straight ahead rocking numbers. Lucinda must not have been at this show with me because I have memories of being in the floor section and with her being all of 5 foot 2 I was generally relegated to the balcony when she was with me.

Evanescence was a pleasant surprise. They had released their debut album in March of this year and were enjoying a moment due to their song “Bring Me To Life.” It was always refreshing to see a rock band being fronted by a female because there not many good ones I knew about at the time. Amy Lee had an amazingly powerful voice, was a great piano player and was easy on the eyes. The combination of her vocals, piano and crunchy guitars just worked.




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