Deftones 10/24/03


This was my eighth time seeing Deftones but first time since the release of their self-titled album that had come out in May of this year. I think they toured every day of the year and just kept coming back to the Pacific Northwest because they ran out of places to play otherwise…I believe this was also only my second time to the famed Paramount Theatre, a fantastic intimate venue in the heart of Seattle. Me and Lucinda drove up to meet Marvin and somehow missed Clutch opening up the show. I had seen them twice before so I got over it, especially since Deftones ended up playing for a solid 2 hours. We had seats on the balcony, which meant we left the show dry unlike all the people down in the pit (not that it mattered because I am sure it was raining in Seattle). I was a little jealous of the people below because the selection of songs made me want to move more than I was able to with a seat behind me. I remember when they came back out for the “encore” Chino commented how they had made the album Adrenaline down the street and then they proceeded to tear through nearly the whole damn thing. Overall one of the more polished times I have seen Deftones.

SETLIST: Minerva, Bloody Cape, Be Quiet and Drive, MX, My Own Summer (Shove It), Feiticeira, Bored, Needles and Pins, Korea, Digital Bath, Battle-Axe, Mascara, Around the Fur, Hexagram, Headup, Change (In the House of Flies), 7 Words, Fireal, Engine No. 9, Nosebleed, Root, Lifter, Minus Blindfold, Knife Party



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