Deftones 10/1/04


This was right about the time my relationship with the girlfriend I moved to San Diego with started to crumble. Our relationship was just not strong enough to survive Southern California. I will take the blame. I had been with her for about 4.5 years and simply was not ready to take it to the next level which she wanted and deserved.

I could not convince anyone to go with me so I flew solo downtown to another legendary small venue. James Brown always liked to play 4th & B when he was in town. I did not have a ticket but if there is one thing I have learned in life it is money talks. If you are a scalper then you either sell your tickets way beforehand or you take what you can get when the shows begins or risk getting nothing at all. I hit up the ATM a block away and just took out $20, thinking I just would not go if I could not get a ticket for $20. Right as I walked up to the corner I saw my target and Deftones had just begun to play their first song. I said “I have $20, take it or leave it.” He took it. This intimate show had a ton of energy and Deftones were on point. They played almost all of Adrenaline, some songs from Around the Fur, a few from White Pony and a few new ones. The crowd was into it and the band clearly was as well.




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