Big Stink 7 9/1/02


Claude came in from the Tri-Cities to go this with me and Lucinda. This remains the only time I have been to PGE Park which I believe is normally used for soccer games. I remember that I had our tickets but as we approached the entrance and I doled out the tickets Lucinda’s vanished into thin air somehow. We simply lost it. It was shitty to have to buy another but at least it was not sold out. I remember this being a particularly nice day in Portland but an extremely long one because the first band we were kind of interested in was Earshot yet we showed up super early in the afternoon. A lot of sitting around. To pass a little time me and Claude partook in something where you put on sumo wrestler suits and go at it. Finally Earshot came on and they were quite good but remind me too much of Tool wannabes. Cake was also pretty good. The big reason we came was Cypress Hill. I don’t think I had seen them since that first time at the Gorge when they had the giant bong onstage. This time was even better because they brought along two live guitarists a la their excellent double album Skull & Bones that had come out a few years prior. They rocked which was not something that comes to mind for most when thinking of Cypress Hill. There was a near riot at the end of the show because the powers that be cut the power on them once they started to blaze onstage. They tried to play it off until it became clear the power was not coming back on. The crowd went nuts but ultimately after a lot of fuck you’s everyone left the venue in peace.



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