Big Stink 6 8/5/01


Much like Rockfest this concert was also a ways away from Portland. Lucinda and I journeyed about an hour the opposite direction but it was once again well worth it. I bought the ticket just to see The Offspring but wasn’t complaining that Stabbing Westward and Everclear were there as well. Nickelback was also there and on the verge of coming into mainstream consciousness with their song “How You Remind Me.” I’ll admit that I like that song but am not a fan of Nickelback. I only caught about 10 minutes of their set and I do believe they were on the second stage. It is pretty funny since they turned out to be one of the most commercially successfully bands of the 2000’s and one of the most made fun of as well. I learned about Stabbing Westward because Rose was a huge fan. I like a handful of their songs and they put on a decent show from the second stage. This was my third time seeing Everclear but this occasion was different. They thickened their live sound by adding two members from the Sweaty Nipples to play percussion and guitar respectively. This was still in essence a hometown show for them so they put their best foot forward much to the delight of the audience. The closers were The Offspring. Jack insisted I listen to the Smash album after he learned of them from the single “Come Out and Play.” The Offspring became a friend favorite from that moment forward but I never had the chance to see them until this show. They were touring for the album Conspiracy of One by this time but didn’t hesitate to go deep into their catalog. From the moment they took the stage until the time they went off the whole place was insane. They just played fast 3-minute songs one right after another. The entire floor area was a mosh pit and I especially enjoyed the songs they played from Ixnay on the Hombre.

bigstink6Conspiracy of One limited edition 1211571735_1


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