Aerosmith 8/10/01


Aerosmith are one of those legendary bands that I never thought I would get to see live. That all changed when they went on tour for their recently released album Just Push Play. I realized their importance in Rock N’ Roll but never really got super into them until I met Lucinda because they are her favorite band, so naturally we had to make the trip happen. My cousin Earl was good friends with the grounds manager of the Gorge and was able to hook him up with 2 free tickets, which was great except he was coming down from Seattle to use one of them. It was a risky venture since it was a sold out show and because we would have to drive 4 hours from Portland but my past experience told me that this would not be an issue. I was right. Within one minute of arriving in the Gorge parking lot I was approached by a scalper and offered a ticket at less than face value. Problem solved. In addition to the 2 free tickets, Erik’s friend also bestowed quite a few free alcoholic beverages upon us and Lucinda wasn’t even 21 years old yet. We watched the opening band Fuel from a clubhouse that I never even knew existed. They were good enough but I think it is safe to say that nobody was really there to see them. Earl’s friend put us in a VIP section for Aerosmith, which was further than I was used to seeing concerts at the Gorge but turned out to be a blessing in disguise. First of all Lucinda could actually see from our spot but more importantly she was about to experience one of the highlights of her life. There was a smaller stage set up on the hill in the middle of the lawn section. Earl’s friend came over after Aerosmith started playing and told us they were going to play a few songs up there and walk right past us on the way. Joe Perry reminded me of a boxer as he walked by because he was wearing one of those silk robes with a hoodie on. Then came Steven Tyler. I lifted Lucinda up so she could be above the fence and she started freaking out as soon as he came into sight. As he walked by he reached up, locked eyes with her, grabbed her hand, and didn’t let go until their outstretched arms had no more length to give. She lost it. I have never before or since witnessed someone in person freak out like that. They played all the classics and a good portion of the new album before leaving about 2.5 hours after they began. I doubt Lucinda slept much that night…

just push play


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