Adema 1/11/02


I first heard Adema because they were playing the crap out of the song “Giving In” on KUFO. The fact that the singer Mark Chavez is the half-brother of Jonathan Davis from Korn was made a big deal of. It certainly didn’t hurt anything seeing as how Korn pretty much ruled the earth in this window of time, but Adema actually had talent. I wasn’t impressed with them based on “Giving In” but became a fan the instant I heard “The Way You Like It” power its way out of the speakers in my Jeep CJ-5. I had purchased the self-titled album and was pretty much obsessed with it by the time of this show. The B-Complex is essentially a small warehouse that was turned into a music venue. I would say there might have been 200 people at the show tops. The energy of their music translated to a small venue very nicely. I’m pretty sure it was just Lucinda and I at this one but I found out later that my soon-to-be good friend Mark was also in attendance. They rocked through every song on the first album without missing a beat. The one thing that surprised me was how large one of the guitar players was. He seemed like a giant compared to the rest of the band.



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