White Zombie 3/16/96


This was another one of those shows I couldn’t believe was coming to my town. Filter was the opening band for White Zombie and I was excited to see both bands again. I think I went to this show with Marvin and Earl. I remember Richard Patrick coming out onto the stage on crutches because of some kind of leg injury. He sat on the drum riser drinking a beer but sang his ass off. He could have been a prima donna and bowed out of the show but he powered through. It was going to be tough to compete with the last time I saw them anyways but I was excited nonetheless. White Zombie were still touring for the Astro Creep 2000 album and if memory serves me correctly I think they played just about the whole album. The stage setup was more elaborate this time than the previous show but something seemed wrong. It seemed like Rob Zombie was lip syncing. This compounded with the alcohol that was coursing through my veins made me extremely unhappy. I left the show so convinced it was a fake performance that I ripped my blacklight friendly White Zombie poster off of my wall. To this day I do not know if I was correct or not.WZ


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