Sweaty Nipples 4/21/00


This was my first concert at The Roseland Theater but was not my first time seeing the Sweaty Nipples. They had periodically come through the Tri-Cities and I had been turned onto them by a guy in one of my classes in high school. The Roseland is a pretty small place with a balcony on the three sides of the building that the stage doesn’t occupy. I believe this was sort of a reunion type show for the Sweaty Nipples. The thing about them is they have one of the most energetic shows I have ever seen. I believe there are 6 guys in the band and they are all talented enough to interchange their instruments and positions in the band on seemingly almost every song. Unfortunately this would be the last time I would see them.

This is right around the time that Lucinda and I decided to get a place together. I could no longer stand living in the bedroom I rented out of the house and we were always at each other’s place anyway. After piling all of her belongings in my room for about a week unbeknownst to the owner we found a place not far away on 26th and Main. Both of us also became full time employees at Meier & Frank. Looking back on it is strange because at one point we worked the exact same schedule and carpooled as well as lived together. The truth is I never really saw her at work and we loved each other enough to not want to strangle each other from being around one another too much.


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